Business Transformation Consulting at its Best

DSM-H is a multinational Management Consulting and Software Development firm founded on the principles of Operational Excellence. We work with clients in the private, public, government and not-for-profit sectors to deliver high quality products and services that meet the demanding requirements of today’s marketplace.

DSM-H makes businesses successful by using our business transformation methodology that emphasizes winning through value creation, constant innovation and continuous improvement. We develop innovative strategies, and implement them via initiatives that continuously improve productivity and quality while reducing cost of operations. We use our experience and skills to help our clients uncover and execute insights and improvement ideas that help transform their organizations into smarter, stronger and more profitable enterprises.

We also ensure long-term sustainability of our clients’ gains and growth through training, standardization of processes, and knowledge transfer.  We are a team of highly skilled experts who pride ourselves in excellent results. Our track record of momentous improvements with significant financial impact to our clients bottom line is evidence of our capabilities.

Our Clients