DSMH Consulting

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

To achieve their business strategies, today’s businesses must constantly improve their processes. Our newly developed mobile friendly AyoT CRM software helps you like no other CRM tool to sell more and faster by easily documenting and tracking your CRM related activities with very little risk of any of them falling through the cracks.

We work with you first to optimize your process and then implement, customize and seamlessly integrate AyoT with your existing applications. The process steps we use are :

Process Optimization Phase

  • Value stream mapping of selected processes.
  • Identification of value add and non-value add activities.
  • Elimination of non-value added activities.
  • Problem solving to fix issues and repair broken processes.
  • Reduction of bottleneck activities’ times.
  • Standardization of value add operations.
  • Development of continuous improvement process.

Process Automation Phase

  • Requirements gathering and scope definition.
  • Design of customized framework.
  • AyoT implementation and integration.
  • Software testing and validation.
  • Software deployment, launch and sign off.
  • Maintenance.

Some Key Benefits

  • Standardized method of managing opportunities and clients and executing core operations (work flow).
  • Increased ability to view and prioritize important activities thereby prevent important activities from falling through the cracks.
  • Easier reports preparation and business analytics.
  • Automated email and sms message reminders for all late activities.
  • Send clients email reminders on forthcoming meetings.
  • Ability to manage activities from mobile phones.
  • Increased visibility for management
  • Increased productivity, timeliness & performance
  • Sustained focus on important measures and customer experiences for sustained growth.
  • Savings from less paper usage.
  • Reduction in learning curve for new employees.