DSMH Consulting

Operational Excellence

In a real life game of musical chairs, not everyone will get a seat when the music stops, but you can with our help. So whether you have already started your Operational Excellence journey or are considering starting, we would like to partner with you in your discovery of a superior way of operating at lower costs. As a committed partner, we use our business transformation methodology and broad global experience to provide a fresh perspective into the current state of your entire operations, culture, and performance relative to your competitors in the market place. Based on the results of the current state assessment, we shall provide recommendations, innovative ideas and practical strategies on how to achieve the future ideal state of Operational Excellence with a focus on delivering improved customer experience using significantly fewer resources.

Team DSM-H never stops at the recommendation phase. We always execute by drawing from our powerful suite of analytical tools and teaming up with your organization in an “all hands on deck” manner to achieve desired outcomes and stay ahead of the competition. As results are being reaped, we standardize processes and train your employees in order to drive continuous performance improvements and sustainable organizational effectiveness.

Our Operational Excellence frame work has four distinct phases:

  • Phase I - Pilot Operational Excellence Initiative: A specific process will be selected for “pilot” improvement activities. The success of this phase ensures company wide embracement and buy-in of the Operational Excellence Initiative.
  • Phase II - Enterprise Current State Assessment: The overall company strategy, culture and processes are assessed and measures using specific metrics that depict the current state in unbiased terms. At the end of the assessment, recommendations are made and a roadmap is outlined with timelines to take the organization from its current state to the future desired state.
  • Phase III - Enterprise-Wide Operational Excellence Initiative: The improvement initiative is usually run concurrently on all key processes. This ensures systemic improvement instead of local optimums. Tasks are assigned to employees and timelines are expected to be adhered to. We use Lean Production, Theory of constraints, Six Sigma, Engineering, Business and Project management principles to solve issues, coach and implement Operational excellence methods. After optimizing your processes, we work with you further to automate your process either by developing custom applications or selecting the best application for your processes. The improvement results have been outstanding.
  • Phase IV - Extended Enterprise Operational Excellence Initiative: Key suppliers are incorporated into the initiative. They are worked with to improve their processes and the quality of their products and services. Initiatives such as this result in achieving the full benefits of an extended value stream.

Operational Excellence is not achieved overnight and every client is unique. But with constant focus and unrelenting management support, barriers are broken and Operational Excellence standards, procedures and behaviors are integrated into daily activities. This results in an enterprise that is continuously improving in all aspects of its business and on its way to becoming a world class organization.