DSMH Consulting

Economic Development Consulting

We collaborate with local and international governments and public-sector organizations to promote sustained economic development and drive change by designing and implementing effective large-scale strategies that prosper their local economies economically and improve employment and quality of life.

Our development specialists are experienced professionals that cut across technical disciplines. They specialize in creative integrated development solutions that promise transformational development results and creation of wealth for individuals, businesses, and communities. Our implementation-focused plans help our clients capture new economic opportunities, create new governance entities, forge new partnerships, and focus existing organizations on sustained economic development support.


Our areas of focus include:

  1. Management Operational Excellence: DSMH uses Operational Excellence philosophy and methods, which are also widely used in the private sector to enable organizations and communities strengthen their operations performance culture and implement operations performance management best practices. Private and public companies that conscientiously implemented this approach over time have reported significant improvements in operations performance, huge profit margins and increased key stakeholders’ satisfaction.
  2. Workforce Trainings: As part of our commitment to continuous employee development and the creation of a learning organization, we develop and deliver world-class training solutions that build leadership skills, improve communication, motivate employees, and drive performance. These training sessions could be in class or online. To measure the effectiveness of our sessions, we perform pre-training and post-training exercises. Our training curriculums are broadly divided into two categories: Employees’ training curriculum and Leadership development curriculum.
  3. Data and change management: DSMH solutions provide tools and services that will further enhance organizations’ ability to perform their day-to-day operations that require data gathering, storage, processing and reporting. Our solution also creates access to tools and platforms that ensure collaboration, accountability and transparency among all stakeholders while maintaining international standards for data de-identification and anonymization. Other advantages of our solutions include visualization of data from enterprise to granular level, enhanced 360 view of Agency’s Operations in real time, fast development of trend and scenario analysis, and automated data recovery management system.
  4. Asset, workforce and supply chain mapping: Asset and supply chain maps are critical steps to the process of strengthening the competitive position of an organization or a community. DSMH experts have a breadth of experience providing detailed asset and supply chain maps that provide our clients with in-depth understanding of their resources, thereby laying the foundation for strategic planning and execution. Our process steps include identification and cataloging of key assets, evaluation of assets to assess strengths, weaknesses and gaps, and the provision of a comprehensive assessment to provide a deeper understanding of the factors that drive our client’s economy.
  5. Economic Impact assessment: In collaboration with our technical partners, our specialists provide proven quantitative and transparent methods that robustly analyze and estimate the economic benefits that a specific industry or company brings to the economies and surrounding communities where they are located. The total impact is analyzed at the direct, indirect and induced levels. Outputs from our analysis include scenario analysis and depiction of high impact clusters.
  6. Creation of Manufacturing focused Networks: Based on the needs of our clients, we help them set up manufacturing networks that foster collaboration, diversification, increased sales and cost savings. We also help our clients brand the companies in their region as top class in the area of quality, just in time deliveries, cost and manufacturing innovation.