DSMH Consulting

Mobile Application Development

We believe in a strategy-based approach for building mobile apps as well because though mobile applications are now a necessity for mobility, developing and supporting them can easily become time consuming, expensive and unusable if not planned for properly. We specialize in building custom mobile apps that suit your unique needs and requirements and in a timely manner.

As you plan on a new mobile app or extending your existing desktop apps, we’ll help with you select most suitable development platform and technology (iOS, Android, windows or hybrid/cross platform) for the design and development of innovative, functionally rich, intuitive and scalable mobile applications.

It’s not an issue for Team DSM-H if you’re not sure of what your application should look like. We’ll collaborate very closely with you to understand your user requirements and using the latest tools, frameworks and SDKs we’ll provide you with expert guidance and advice and if needed, cutting edge protoypes and screen shots that you can review and choose from.

Our highly qualified developers use agile, a best practice project management methodology for the development of our apps. This enables us to work very closely with you to give you the personal attention you deserve, provide you with first hand mobile experience of the product at the end of each iteration, and enable us to incorporate your feedback, changes and additions in a cost effective and timely manner.

We offer custom world-class software development services for small, medium and large companies and across all industries globally. Our clients include government, retail, oil and gas, financial, healthcare, earthmoving, construction, agriculture, automotive, hospitality, real estate, and many more.