DSMH Consulting

Web Application Development

From custom desktop stand-alone applications to larger data intensive enterprise web applications, we build high performing and robust applications for our clients using the latest technologies and frameworks.

Using technologies such as .Net, PHP, CSS3, Html, Node.js, Java, C#, JavaScripts, Bootstrap, Angular js, Spring, JQuery and other development services, we rapidly build simple to complex applications that are easy to use and intuitive. And we continuously keep up with enterprise app trends to ensure every project uses best practices. As with all our services, you’ll own the code once a project is complete.

Our experienced team of developers go the extra mile to ensure all our applications are as compliant and secure as possible by applying top quality practices such as use of version control, test scripts and ongoing QA, code documentation and secure programming.

By using agile project management methodology and the latest in web technology, we continue to demonstrate rapid, cost-efficient and high quality app development This enables us to prove time and time again that we are the long-term reliable partner capable of delivering high performance value adding software solutions for our clients from startups to multinational companies.

We offer custom world-class software development services for small, medium and large companies and across all industries globally. Our clients include government, retail, oil and gas, financial, healthcare, earthmoving, construction, agriculture, automotive, hospitality, real estate, and many more.